This week’s UN General Assembly heightens executive travel security concerns in the New York City area, especially following Saturday’s bombing. The New York bombing injured 29 people in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood and other bombs were found in New Jersey as well as an additional pressure cooker bomb several blocks away from the one that exploded in Chelsea.

Security Measures for the UN General Assembly

UN General AssemblyAn additional 1,000 personnel has been added following the bombing to boost the security presence at transportation hubs around New York. Special executive travel security measures for the UN General Assembly include a number of road closings around the UN Headquarters and restrictions on certain streets. Even the Queensboro/59th Street Bridge and the waters near the Headquarters are under security zone restrictions during the UN General Assembly.

Whether traveling abroad or staying in the country and going to events such as the UN General Assembly, well-executed security measures are vital, particularly when considering VIP and executive travel. The IMG GlobalSecur travel security experts offer the following informational tips applicable for when senior company personnel travel overseas:

  • Overseas visits should adhere to security protocols designed to provide minimal and acceptable protective standards for senior executives. These protocols may dictate the level of security appropriate for a city or country destination, which may vary dependent on an up-to-date risk assessment. Once these protocols are developed, they should be consistently applied.
  • Use of in-country aviation services should be subject to a "desktop" or more thorough review. Both types of review should be carried out by aviation security professionals and the results documented. If possible, a known and trusted in-country provider should be used that will minimize the time and expense of a review. If none is available, sufficient lead time should be available to complete a review. Non-compliance with the review by a prospective provider should be grounds to look elsewhere.
  • Robust in-country and external communications protocols should be established.
  • Actions in the event of an in-country medical or other emergency, including personnel evacuation should be reviewed.

Additionally, while hiring armed security agents may not be a necessary step for routine travel of employees, consideration should be given to pre-identification of travel destinations that require additional executive travel security measures for organizational officers and directors. These additional measures may include the hiring of armed security agents; security trained drivers; special vehicles; and advance security surveys for hotels, conventions, and meeting locations. Generally, however, this should be considered on a case-by-case basis and only in countries that pose a significant threat to the executive.

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