Super Bowl 2017: Top Security Experts Review

On Sunday, February 5, 2017, millions of spectators from the United States and all over the world watched NFL Super Bowl 51 (usually dubbed Super Bowl LI). Super Bowl 2017 was played at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. For the city of Houston, this was its third Super Bowl and security officials took all precautions where event security was concerned.

The security measures taken for the Super Bowl 2017 took months of preparation. Homeland Security classified the sporting event as a Tier 1 national security threat. While the NFL and various local, state, and federal law enforcement officials say there were no real, credible threats; they worked around the clock to ensure that security was sufficient to accommodate the some 73,000 fans that attended. Some of the security measures put into place include a security perimeter stretching over five blocks and nearly three miles of concrete barriers around the venue. Additionally, F-16 fighters, Black Hawk helicopters and other aircraft safeguarded the skies. The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) enforced a 10- mile radius no-fly zone over NRG Stadium and the FAA issued a 30-mile temporary flight restriction between 4PM and midnight on Sunday. In addition, more than 5,000 police officers were set to be on patrol to ensure the events ran safely.

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Super Bowl 2017

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Super Bowl 2017 brought over a million people to the city of Houston. The major sporting event is expected to bring in millions of dollars and help the local economy. Over the years, the police presence has grown due to the changing global security landscape. In the past, the police presence was much smaller and there were no VIPER teams; units that specialize in neutralizing the most violent situations.

Going foreword, national events like Super Bowl 2017 will continue to receive a number of physical security resources. Increasingly, however, event security is being supplemented by organizations with expertise in anti-terrorism, surveillance, intelligence, and cyber defense. These specialized personnel can help a full set of defenses that is increasingly necessary to protect against the threat of terrorism.

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