Employee Travel Security Update: Italy Earthquake Damage

Last fall, on October 30th, 2016, a 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck central Italy near the historic town of Norcia. Tremors from the Italy earthquake were felt as far away Rome, more than 60 miles southwest. This quake was just one in a series of consecutive earthquakes to hit the nation this year. In all, four quakes buffeted Italy since the beginning of 2016. The deadliest quake occurred in late August when a 6.2 magnitude tremor slammed the city of Perugia, killing 298 people.

Remarkably, there were no reported deaths from the October 30th Italy earthquake, the strongest to hit the country in over three decades. Nonetheless, more than 15,000 people have been forced out of their homes and are being housed in temporary shelters. The country also continues to be hit by aftershocks and tremors. Since late August, more than 250 seismic events have been recorded.

Employee Travel Medical Assistance Firm Reviews Local Impact and the Effect on Tourism Industry

Italy EarthquakeOn October 30th, 2016, a large earthquake in Norcia reduced many of the town’s historic buildings to rubble, including a medieval tower and other landmarks popular with tourists. Additionally, the earthquakes severely damaged homes and businesses. Tragically, the 12th century Basilica of Saint Benedict, the town’s most popular attraction, was nearly flattened. In response, the Prime Minister of Italy promised that the government would work to rebuild the town, to include the historic landmarks that attract so many tourists to the area.

Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world due to its rich history and culture. Estimates suggest that the country sees about 50 million tourists a year, making the tourism industry a large revenue-generator. Unfortunately, the Italy earthquake events have damaged several historic towns popular with tourists, and security professionals have urged travelers to avoid quake-affected areas. Although the towns hit by the quakes will likely see a drop in tourist revenue, the employee travel safety and employee travel medical assistance experts at IMG GlobalSecur believe that the effect on the Italian tourism industry will be modest. After all, the country offers many popular tourist attractions and, despite the Italy earthquake events, is considered generally safe for travelers.

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