Technical surveillance is the use of “bugs” and other unauthorized surveillance technologies to intercept audio, voice, video, and/or data communications in order to access protected information. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) are techniques and technologies used to detect and defeat technical surveillance. Although technical surveillance and TSCM appear to be something out of a spy movie, […]

Executive Summary: iPad Security Meets Corporate Security Corporate espionage is becoming an increasingly alarming threat to companies around the world. Many foreign firms, with or without the support of their home government, are actively looking to acquire the trade secrets, corporate strategy, and intellectual property of their competitors. These activities present many new challenges to […]

The protection of intellectual property has become an increasing concern among businesses throughout the world. After all, gaining a technological edge is often the key to gaining the competitive edge in the market place. That is why national governments, the World Trade Organization, and the United Nations have all put effort in to creating laws, regulations, and guidelines to protect intellectual property.

When people think about intellectual property, they tend to think of things such as television shows, music, films, and video games. They are also inclined to believe that Continue reading

When people think of corporate espionage, they tend to imagine scenarios ripped out of a 1990s spy thriller. In the real world, however, intellectual property theft is much more mundane and, unfortunately, much more common. In some instances, the illegal disclosure of intellectual property may be done unintentionally or out of ignorance of the legal consequences. In other cases, it is the end result of a sophisticated and years-long operation to uncover a company’s trade secrets. The methods by which corporate espionage is conducted are myriad, and security managers would be well advised to keep all of them in mind when formulating their security plans. Continue reading

For some firms, trade secrets and proprietary technology are their single largest competitive advantage. Unfortunately, these advantages are becoming ever more vulnerable to exploitation by corporate spies.  Even though it is illegal, industrial espionage continues to be a threat for global firms, and it is critical that businesses take steps to protect their most vital information. Unfortunately, many perpetrators of corporate espionage are affiliated with foreign governments or remain anonymous, making prosecution difficult if not impossible. That is why it is crucial for firms to adopt a defensive posture against this ever-persistent threat. The following are 10 simple strategies businesses can follow in order to reduce their risk of corporate espionage and maintain their competitive edge. Continue reading