The Presidential Election is over and the USA has a new President-Elect. The election has been hotly contested for months and now that Donald Trump will be assuming the role of president in January, many anti-Trump protests are occurring around the country regarding the racially-tinged viewpoints he has expressed.

In light of this, Turkey recently released a travel warning regarding the anti-Trump protests and those visiting the US from Turkey. Turkey’s Foreign Ministry encouraged its citizens to be careful if visiting the US and to be watchful and aware of personal security if living in the US. Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Portland are a few of the cities Turkey’s special alert applies to.

IMG GlobalSecur, a leading executive and employee travel security firm, offers several tips to those concerned about residential security and personal protection around the home.

Residential Security Tips during the anti-Trump Protests

anti-Trump ProtestsAll domestic employees should be given a copy of the following security instructions translated into their native language. All of the instructions apply to maids, and most apply to janitors, gardeners, and other domestic help. These employees should be alert to suspicious individuals around your residence. The importance of reporting any unusual inquiries or activities promptly should be emphasized. Vehicle license numbers and accurate descriptions should be obtained whenever possible:

  • Keep exterior doors closed and locked during the day.
  • Close and lock all exterior doors at night.
  • Close and lock windows and shutters, and roll down window coverings at night.
  • Do not admit strangers, peddlers, inspectors, survey or census takers, or investigators you do not know, even if they are in uniform or display credentials. Tell them to call your employer or contact the company office. Do not open the door to these people.
  • Do not admit repair people unless you have been told by your employer to expect them.
  • Do not accept packages unless you have been told by your employer to expect such a delivery.
  • Do not give information of any kind about this family on the telephone unless you are absolutely certain the caller is a friend. Do not identify the family’s street address or telephone number to unknown callers.
  • If you receive any anonymous calls or threats, or if you observe anything unusual or suspicious in the vicinity of this house, report it to your employer.
  • Make a note of the license number of any suspicious vehicle parked near this house and give the information to your employer.
  • If any strange objects or packages are discovered in the house or yard, leave them alone and inform your employer at once. If your employer is not available, call the police.

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