The US Presidential election is just days away and security is paramount for the candidates. One of the issues security professionals need to deal with is to make sure that the vehicle their particular candidate will be using is safe from harm, including protection from IED (improvised explosive device) bombs. Below are some helpful tips from executive travel security experts at GlobalSecur regarding vehicle inspection for an IED.

IED Vehicle Inspection Techniques

IEDThe following guidelines provide a basis for checking vehicles for improvised explosive devices (IED’s). Before touching the vehicle, conduct an external search as follows:

  • Check the area around the vehicle. Look for bits of tape, wire, string, or time fuse that may have been left during the installation of an IED.
  • Look for marks on the ground, such as footprints, car jack or jack stand impressions. Depending on the slope of the parking surface, these marks may indicate unusual activity around the vehicle.
  • Look for signs of forced entry around the doors, windows, trunk, and hood of the car. Fingerprints and smudges on the trunk, hood, door, or wheel covers may indicate a recent attempt to enter the vehicle.
  • Look inside the vehicle, through the windows, for any obvious devices, packages or other items that do not belong. Look under the dashboard for protruding wires. Look on the floor for packages partially hidden under the front seat.

The most likely place to find a bomb, if the vehicle has been locked, is underneath the vehicle. Check for the following:

  • Chunks of dirt on the ground that may have been dislodged from the undercarriage of the car during an attempt to place an explosive device.
  • Loose wires or strands of wire that are clean (probably 22-24 gauge in thickness, similar to those used in a blasting cap).
  • Check the top and both sides of all four tires.
  • Look into the exhaust pipe for any inserted objects.
  • All vehicles should be equipped with locking gas caps to prevent foreign objects from being dropped into the gas tank.

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