As this year’s summer travel season starts to heat up, take note of the extra time it may cost you to wait in the long airport security lines before boarding your plane. This year, it’s especially an issue because people are wary of increasingly long lines from Transportation Security Administration airport security checkpoints.

Airport Security Lines: Expect Delays

Airport SecurityIn fact, earlier this week, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey sent a complaint to the TSA, saying that JFK, Newark Liberty International and LaGuardia airports could switch to a private security screening provider if wait times don’t get better for passengers. Some are using social media to express their frustration by hashtagging #ihatethewait.

In turn, the TSA wants to increase staff and requests Congress to pay for staff overtime hours. Regardless, this may only be a temporary airport security solution, since private companies are already being used in over 20 airports.

IMG GlobalSecur consultants are expert at assisting with corporate security and executive travel security needs. The following items should be considered when senior company personnel travel overseas:

Executive Travel Security Measures

  • There should be strict compliance with corporate rules prohibiting senior executives flying together.
  • Use of in-country personnel for protective or transportation purposes should have known security/safety credentials and should be provided by known and trusted entities.
  • Senior personnel should be provided with up-to-date, country-specific risk assessments prior to travel as part of their pre-travel briefing.
  • All travelers should be aware of basic personal protection measures with an emphasis on the need to avoid inadvertently assuming the risks of others.
  • Travel itineraries should be subject to prior security review.
  • In-country security developments should be monitored prior and during the trip to determine a change in the security climate that may impact the visit.
  • Travel itineraries should be monitored with emphasis on real-time threat assessment.
  • In-trip activities should be closely monitored to ensure a seamless provision of services. Airport arrivals and departures can present a significant challenge if arrangements go unsupervised or unrehearsed.
  • An in-country contact should be pre-identified for use in the event of an emergency/unusual event.

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