The Five Most Important International Security News Stories of 2014

2014 was a dynamic year in international security. Although there were many security issues making the news this past year, five stories stand out in particular. The protective services specialists at IMG believe these five to be the most significant. This was based on two factors: the broad impact of these events and the way these stories changed the international security landscape.

International Security Story #5: The Ebola Virus

Five Top International Security News Stories of 2014There was much exaggeration over the Ebola virus, and the media clearly drove unnecessary panic. Clearly, the threat of Ebola in the US and Europe continues to be very small. Even so, the disease was included in this year’s list because the virus did pose a real threat to employee travel security in Africa. Another reason that this story was included in the top five was because it focused the public’s attention on the threat of communicable diseases. Although often ignored, the safety and security threat of disease is a very real concern for many travelers and employees around the globe.

International Security Story #4: Cyber-crime

Although cyber-crime is not a new phenomenon, it continues to have an impact on individuals everywhere. The large data breaches at Target and Home Depot affected millions of customers and were reputationally devastating for the firms affected. Furthermore, these incidents demonstrate that sophisticated cyber criminals can breach large, well-protected firms.

International Security Story #3: Russia’s Resurgence

Russia’s meddling in Ukraine initially produced a divided reaction among Western nations. However, as the year went on, Moscow stepped up its military efforts in Ukraine and made additional provocations towards other European countries. This new, resurgent Russia has caused many observers to speculate about the rise of a new cold war in Europe, creating another set of international security concerns.

International Security Story #2: Latin America

As many employee travel security managers know, Latin America is the most dangerous region of the world. Although violence there does not garner much news attention in the West, one incident in 2014 stunned people all over the globe. In September, students held a demonstration in Iguala, Mexico to protest government corruption. Shortly afterwards, 43 of these students went missing. Although the investigation is still ongoing, many fear that the students were massacred. If true, this massacre may change the way Mexico and Latin America approaches its organized criminal groups.

International Security Story #1: The Rise of ISIS

Of all the issues in 2014, the protective services specialists at IMG felt that the rapid rise of ISIS was the biggest story of the year. At the end of 2013, few had heard of the organization. By mid 2014, ISIS had one of the most powerful military factions in the region. The group’s violent actions and large-scale massacres have shocked the world, and forced the US back into the region. Additionally, this group poses a credible threat of terrorism to US and Europe and will probably be a threat to employee travel security for some time to come.

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