Last week, on May 19th, an EgyptAir airplane crashed into the ocean, killing all 66 passengers and crew. As we learn more about what happened in the tragic EgyptAir crash, this incident has become the center of a debate about whether or not the crash was caused by an act of terrorism.

EgyptAir Crash: Possible Causes?

Some claim that the crash was the result of a mechanical failure, while other experts that an explosion on board caused the EgyptAir crash and, thus, was a result of terrorism. Regardless, the EgyptAir airline company is working in crisis management mode to deal with the aftermath and work to communicate its message to the media.

IMG security professionals have extensive experience in crisis management consulting. Below are some tips regarding how best to deal with the media in a crisis situation such as the EgyptAir crash.

Guidelines for Communicating with the Media

EgyptAir Crash

  • Stay objective and on the record at all times during interviews and press conferences.
  • Always return media calls. The more cooperative you appear, the better.
  • Avoid antagonizing the media. Don’t use a short tone at a press conference or during any contact with the media. Doing so may adversely affect your future relationship with this person.
  • When talking with the media, always remember to give credit to other agencies, groups or individuals who are working on the crisis.
  • Try to be proactive with new information. If you receive new information about the crisis, reach out for the media.
  • Release only verified information to the media.
  • Never say “No Comment.” It makes it look like you are covering up something. A better approach is to tell the media person that you will have to get back to them with more information.
  • Escort the media at all times when on the crisis site.
  • Keep accurate records and logs of all media inquiries and when you responded to them.
  • Provide equal access to all forms of media.
  • Never speculate on the causes of the emergency.
  • Never speculate on when normal operations will resume or the dollar amount of losses.

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