3D Printer Technology: Wave of the Future?

The 3D printer is changing how we look at manufacturing. Armed with 3D printer technology, individuals now can delve into product creation and experimentation…with results that are surprisingly precise and fairly inexpensive to create. Granted, the 3D printer is best suited for small items, but security experts have concerns with the relative ease-of-use for criminals. Items such as 3D printed guns and keys as well as the potential to counterfeit many products all cause reason for concern in today’s world.

3D PrinterIn addition, it was recently discovered by Mohammad Al Faruque of the University of California that the sounds a printer makes when extruding a product can be recorded and used to reverse engineer and recreate the product somewhere else. For corporations or individuals using a 3D printer in conjunction with sensitive product design data, this exposes a new security concern.

Despite the security issues, 3D printers pose a number of benefits to corporations. This technology allows manufacturers to create prototypes of products for testing much more easily. It offers the potential for creating customized products for consumers. Yes, 3D printers are changing how corporations look at the supply chain.

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