International Meeting Security and the Event Security Challenges of 2016

The summer season often offers some challenges to security professionals, and this summer is no different (especially because of the Rio Olympics this year!). Due to warmer weather, many people venture outdoors to attend concerts, celebrations, and festivals. Consequently, many event and international meeting security firms see an uptick in activity during the season. Summers also bring about an increase in criminal activity, with hotter summers being associated with higher rates of crime. Finally, summer is vacation season, meaning more people are on the move, attending events and traveling to various tourist destinations around the world.

Rio OlympicsStill, the security experts at IMG Group think this summer will be more challenging than usual, particularly in regard to event security. Several high profile international sporting competitions and a contentious 2016 Presidential Election in the USA mean that this season will be an active one. The international meeting security experts at IMG Group believe that the 3 security challenges listed below will be the most difficult for global security professionals to tackle.

Event Security Challenge #1: The 2016 Summer Rio Olympics in Brazil

The Rio Olympics will take place in Brazil from 5 to 21 August. The Olympics are always a high visibility event with significant security threats. However, this year’s Games will be even more challenging. Brazil is struggling to complete the infrastructure to support the Rio Olympics and is currently grappling with the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff. Additionally, the police in Rio de Janeiro are suffering from budget cuts, even as there has been growing hostility between Brazil’s security services and the gangs that roam many of the country’s slums.

Event Security Challenge #2: The 2016 Presidential Election

The 2016 Presidential Election in the USA is shaping up to be one of the more polarizing political contests in recent memory. Both candidates have high un-favorability ratings, and many pundits believe this election will be particularly vitriolic. Several security incidents have occurred at Trump rallies earlier this year. Unfortunately, these confrontations have recently become increasingly violent and provocative, as demonstrated by the recent clashes in San Jose on June 2nd. Given that emotions will only rise as Election Day approaches, the security experts at IMG believe that there will continue to be clashes at political rallies through the summer of 2016.

Event Security Challenge #3: The UEFA Euro 2016 Championship

The 2016 UEFA Euro Championship is a soccer competition between the top 24 national soccer teams of Europe. This year’s Championship will take place in France and last from 10 June to 10 July. Due to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, security officials are closely guarding this year’s Championship. However, the task is made more challenging as the matches will take place at several different stadiums across France, meaning security forces will be spread across dispersed sites. These security efforts are further complicated by a recent series of labor strikes that have disrupted France’s transportation sector and other parts of the economy. As the most significant international competition before the 2016 Rio Olympics, many event security professionals will be watching and learning from this year’s UEFA Euro Championship.

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