You probably don’t want to think about it before heading to work in the morning, but your workplace could be a potential crime scene. Incidents of “workplace violence” such as the Lackland AFB shooting earlier this month continue to make news headlines. The April 8th shooting involved a Lackland AFB tech sergeant and his commanding officer and resulted in the deaths of both men.

Despite best intentions, many corporations and businesses simply are not adequately prepared for protecting their employees or don’t have a workplace security plan in place. The importance of workplace security consulting hasn’t even been considered.

Overseas Security & Workplace Violence Consulting

In addition, multi-national companies face an even more challenging task when developing standards to protect their facilities and employees and their dependents. Companies that operate in different geographic regions around the world find themselves facing a wide disparity in the types and severity of threats to their company.

IMG Group workplace violence consulting experts have years of experience in assisting corporations with workplace security. The following list identifies key considerations for managers, employees and their families to consider when evaluating their own security posture.

Physical Security Considerations for Businesses

Workplace Violence ConsultingThe following list of items contains basic considerations that overseas facilities should take into account when evaluating their security posture in light of regional threats. While this is not an exhaustive list, they contain a good starting point for designing a good physical security plan for an overseas facility.

  • Conduct a basic security survey of the office compound, building(s) and office space. Photograph overall area and all access points. Sketch facility or office space noting access points, elevators, entrance areas, stairwells, fire exits, and all points of pedestrian or vehicle entrance, egress, and control. Note the location of guards, the receptionist, and the general manager’s office.
  • Examine all perimeter fences, walls, and lighting for sufficiency. Lighting for rear areas and entrances should produce even lighting without shadows.
  • Controlled gates should be installed in all vehicle access, and parking areas.
  • Public Access Control (PAC) entry doors controlled by a guard or receptionist with electric lock release should be installed in the facility.
  • Consider the need for a “sally port” entrance system to provide an airlock entry system where the visitor is held between two locked doors until a guard or receptionist releases one of the doors. Ideally, the guard or receptionist is behind bulletproof or shatter-resistant glass.
  • Install closed circuit television (CCTV) in entry area with DVR recorder capability to record activity as persons pass through the PAC area.
  • If possible, place a walk-through metal detector (WTMD) at the entrance.

If the security survey indicates a number of weak points, or the office is located in a multiple-occupancy building with few, if any, access controls, then serious consideration should be given to relocating the office. Controlling access is one of the most important elements of a good security program.

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