Importance of Information in Travel Security

The Incident Management Group, a leading international travel security firm, has recommended three resources for safety and security research. Many organizations are trying to ensure that they meet their duty of care obligations for traveling employees. As such, it is vital that these organizations have access to the most current and comprehensive information on international travel security. IMG is recommending three sources that security and safety researchers can consult for current and comprehensive travel security information:

  1. Government sponsored websites
  2. Professional security organizations
  3. Private travel companies

Missing Malaysia Airlines FlightThese sources can help ensure that organizations meet their duty of care obligations by having a comprehensive picture of the international travel security environment.

3 Top International Travel Security Resources

Government Websites

Government sponsored websites, such as those sponsored by the US State Department and the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, offer excellent real-time information on international travel security and safety issues. These organizations are often the first to release breaking security and safety information as well as travel advisories. Additionally, they are backed by government institutions. This means that they are able to harness the research and input of hundreds of security, intelligence, diplomatic, and safety professionals. Due to the sheer amount of resources that go into their construction, government sponsored sites are often the primary resource for many travel security and safety professionals.

Examples of Government Sponsored Links:

Professional Security Organizations

Although government resources are critical, international travel security and safety researchers should consult other sources in order to maximize their security and safety obligations. In this regard, professional security organizations can often prove valuable. These organizations can provide researchers with relevant information or put them in contact with experts in a particular field. ASIS international, possibly the most well known professional security organization, puts out a number of publications and newsletters on safety and security topics. Their daily and weekly publications are particularly vital for researchers who want to stay in the know.

Professional Security Organization – ASIS:

Private Travel Companies

International travel security and safety researchers will also find that private travel companies offer a wealth of information, as well as routine and emergency security support when needed. Not only can these websites tell you what hotel to stay at, they also can highlight possible safety and security concerns. Some sites host user forums where recent visitors can post their experiences online. Although sometimes unreliable, such postings can provide information on emerging dangers and popular scams that may be missed by professional and government organizations. Lonely Planet is a particularly good resource as it provides comprehensive information on almost every travel destination. Common topics of interest include travel security and safety, health and medical care, visa requirements, safe transportation, and common problems faced by travelers.

As can be seen, there are steps organizations can take to maintain robust travel safety standards for all of their employees. To learn more about IMG’s experience with international travel security see:

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