Travel Security Update: Europe Grapples with a Massive Syrian Refugee Crisis

The employee and executive travel security experts at IMG have been monitoring the conflict in Syria and the refugee crisis it has caused and its likely impact on business and employee travel security in Europe. Since the Syrian Civil War started in 2011, over 9 million Syrians have been forced to flee their homes. Most of these refugees have resettled in other parts of Syria or sought safety in neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Turkey, or Jordan. However, hundreds of thousands have refugees have made their way to Europe, in hopes of a better life. In fact, the EU has received over 200,000 asylum applications.

Syrian Refugee Crisis and Executive Travel Security

Refugee Camp in Jordan

In some instances, Syrian refugees have traveled on foot for hundreds of miles. Most migrants have flowed from Turkey through Greece, Bulgaria, and the Balkans. Other migrants have taken a more southerly route, jumping off from North Africa in the hopes of reaching Italy. Many of these refugees hope to eventually make their way to the wealthy Central European nations of Germany and Austria. However, others have sought asylum in Italy, the United Kingdom, and Sweden.

Employee / Executive Travel Security Amid the Migrant Crisis

At this point, the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe does not pose an elevated travel security risk. Although many migrants have perished on their way to Europe, there have been few cases of violence against tourists or business travelers. Even so, there have been some disturbing incidents. For example, some far-right groups have attacked migrants and Syrian refugee camps, and there have been some clashes between Syrian refugees and police.

Despite these incidents, the risk to executive travel security or to other travelers has not increased substantially. However, all travelers should keep abreast with the local security situation and the state of the refugee crisis in their area. Additionally, the travel safety experts at IMG urge visitors to use caution and common sense in areas experiencing an influx of refugees, especially around refugee encampments. For executives, employees, businesses or other travelers looking for more pro-active travel security solutions, there are services that can actively monitor the security environment and alert the traveler if the situation deteriorates.

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