IMG, a top Executive Travel Security Firm, Reviews the Pope Francis Visit to US (United States)

As one of the world’s most prominent individuals, the Pope is not without enemies. Despite these dangers, the Pope is well secured. In fact, he sits at the center of one of the world’s most sophisticated executive security systems.

Executive Travel Security for the Pope Visit to US
In late September 2015, Pope Francis will visit the United States. During the Pope visit to US, the Vatican will be able to rely on a number of executive travel security assets. Although the specifics of the Pope’s security detail are not public, it is likely the Papacy will rely on some of the following executive travel security resources:

  1. The Swiss Guard – Founded in the 1500s, the Swiss Guard is perhaps the most famous of the Pope’s executive security assets and is directly responsible for the Pope’s personal security. Although they are best known for their colorful uniforms, this elite unit is composed of Swiss military veterans trained to use both traditional and modern weapons.
  2. Shepherd One – When the Pope travels overseas he rides on the equivalent of Air Force One, dubbed Shepherd One. Unlike the US President; however, the Pope does not rely on a dedicated aircraft. Instead, measures for his executive travel security involve flying on a chartered plane operated by Alitalia, the Italian national airline.
  3. The Pope Mobile: Popes have long utilized personal vehicles. However, after the 1981 assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II, the Vatican started equipping its vehicles with transparent bulletproof glass, allowing the Pope to greet onlookers while providing him with protection.
  4. The Vatican Gendarmerie Unlike the Swiss Guard, the Vatican Gendarmerie is responsible for the security of Vatican City, rather than the Pope himself. However, the two security forces work together closely. The Gendarmerie also hosts some specialized units including an anti-sabotage unit and a rapid reaction force
  5. Host-Nation Security: During the Pope visit to US, the Vatican will also be able to count on the support of US law enforcement, and the two will undoubtedly coordinate closely throughout the trip. In fact, there have been reports that the US Secret Service has already disrupted a plot against the Pope’s safety.

Truly, executive travel security for such important figures as the Pope is vital. The Pope is the spiritual leader of the world’s 1 billion Catholics and the head of Vatican City, a recognized and independent country. Pope John Paul II survived an assassination attempt in 1981, and Pope Francis is believed to be at risk from radical Islamic groups.

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