The November 2015 Paris attacks killed over 100 innocent people and have caused many to question the state of international travel security. Some travelers may be wondering if it is safe to visit France or other European countries so soon after a major terrorist attack. After all, over 160 police raids have been conducted in France and Belgium. Additionally, France has re-imposed border controls and declared a state of emergency after the Paris attacks. These measures mean the country’s law enforcement has additional powers and do not require warrants for searches.

Paris AttacksAlthough these emergency measures could impede travel, the international executive travel security consultants at GlobalSecur do not believe there is evidence to suggest that travelers in France or other European countries are in danger following the Paris attacks. Most terrorist groups do not have the resources to launch sophisticated follow-up attacks, especially given the massive law enforcement crack down. As such, GlobalSecur’s consultants believe that traveling after a terrorist attack can be done in relative safety, so long as executives, employees and other travelers heed some common sense advice.

International Executive Travel Security Advice in the Aftermath of the Paris Attacks

The US State Department recommends that travelers maintain a heightened sense of awareness at all times while traveling abroad. Particularly, individuals should avoid crowds, protests, and large gatherings. This is especially true if the gathering or venue appears to have lax security. Additionally, travelers should carry identification with them and be as cooperative as possible with law enforcement during this sensitive period.

Going forward, international travel security practitioners will study the Paris attacks in order to gain valuable information that can be used to thwart future incidents. Many will question what, if any, intelligence France or its allies had about the perpetrators and how the terrorists were able to evade detection. Others will attempt to learn from the first responders and security personnel. Some observers are already commenting how basic security practices changed the dynamic at key locations during the Paris attacks. For example, it was learned that that entry points at the soccer stadium managed to turn the bombers away on three occasions. This prevented them from entering the arena and causing even worse damage. On the other hand, early indications show that there may have been a delay in law enforcement seeking entry into the Bataclan theatre. This is unfortunate as lessons learned from US law enforcement suggest that early arrival by law enforcement can thwart the escalation of violent situations like what occured during the Paris attacks.

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