In the news and around the world, ISIS continued to dominate security discussions in 2015. Thus, based on both impact to global security and international media coverage, IMG’s employee travel security experts believe that ISIS news tops their list of security-related global news stories in 2015.

In a previous post, IMG employee travel security experts talked about the third choice on their list of security-related top news stories of 2015. This post will conclude the discussion with their choices for the top two stories, which both relate to ISIS news from the year.

Employee Travel Security Story #2: Russia and the World

ISIS NewsRussia’s involvement in Ukraine and Syria continue to complicate its relationship with the Western powers. Initially, some believed that as the violence in Ukraine abated, the 2015 Russian air strikes against ISIS could help mend ties between Moscow and the West. Unfortunately, this has not proven to be the case, as the two sides have very different strategic objectives in the region. Moreover, the downing of a Russian aircraft by F-16s from Turkey (a NATO member), has cast doubts as to whether Russia and the West can effectively work together to combat Islamic extremism.

Employee Travel Security Story #1: ISIS News and Global Jihad

The fight against ISIS in the Middle East continues to stand out as the number one worldwide security issue of the year. Although weakened, the group continues to hold power in many parts of Syria and Iraq. Furthermore, the organization made a strategic shift in 2015, choosing to inspire or coordinate actions against civilian targets in the West. The Paris attacks, the downing of a Russian Airliner, and the San Bernardino shooting are all examples of ISIS’s ability to either inspire violence, or coordinate attacks directly.

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