FoneTrac: Travel Security App for Your iPhone or Android

FoneTrac: Employee Travel Security AppInternational Employee Travel Security firm, IMG GlobalSecur, has recently updated its website for FoneTrac, the next generation of travel security technology. FoneTrac is an app for iPhone or Android that is simple, intuitive, and easy to use. It allows businesses to stay connected to their employees traveling internationally, helping ensure employee travel security by providing a lifeline in the event of an emergency. Although it is suitable for users everywhere, this travel security app is specifically designed to meet the needs of global firms seeking simple and effective travel security solutions for an employee or executives traveling overseas.

FoneTrac’s Features: Employee Travel Security App, Medical Assistance, and More

  1. Global Monitoring – FoneTrac monitors the locations of international employees / travelers and provides travel security alerts if there is an incident that could affect personal safety. If the situation is serious, the command center can arrange local support for persons in need.
  2. Panic Alerts – This employee travel security app is capable of sending panic alerts anywhere there is Wi-Fi, Cellular, or SMS reception. These alerts provide security specialists with the location of the distressed traveler, allowing them to respond quickly and effectively.
  3. Check-In – The FoneTrac travel security app provides an easy-to-use check-in feature that allows the traveler to periodically confirm that they are safe and do not require assistance. If required, this feature can be set to remind travelers to check-in daily.
  4. Non-Emergency Assistance – In addition to providing travel alerts and protecting against emergencies, this employee travel security app also provides non-emergency assistance. Through FoneTrac, users can connect automatically to travel security experts that can provide assistance.
  5. Works on most smartphones, including iOS and Android Devices – FoneTrac can be used on most modern smartphones, including Apple iPhones and Android Devices

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