Washington DC: Employee Travel Security in the Nation’s Capital

Washington DC is not only the capital of the United States, but an enduring symbol of American power and prestige. As the nation’s political center, it is a bustling travel destination for citizens and foreign visitors alike. Although a non-violent city today, employee and tourist travel security in Washington DC was once a concern. During the 1980s, the crack-cocaine epidemic hit the city particularly hard. In fact, the homicide rate was double the 1950s level and Washington DC was known as the murder capital of the United States. Fortunately, security has improved tremendously, and the city has experienced a steady downward decline in crime since the early 1990s. TravelSecurity DCThis steep drop in criminal activity was driven by a variety of factors including gentrification, urban renewal programs, and a generalized nationwide drop in crime levels.

Although crime is less of a concern today, the terror attacks of September 11th impacted the city’s travel security environment considerably. This change has been reflected in the Washington DC’s landscape, as there has been a significant increase in the city’s security infrastructure. Buildings and open areas that were once accessible to the public are now heavily guarded or closed off to visitors. Over a decade after the attacks, the rise in security and law enforcement activity is still plain for visitors to see. Law enforcement officers can be seen with military grade equipment, security cameras watch over many streets, and vehicle barricades surround many buildings and parking lots.

Travel Security Today in Washington DC

Due in part to the large security presence, the Washington DC area is one of the safer metropolitan regions in the country. Additionally, many residents have higher incomes and a military or government background, making the area less friendly to criminals. Even so, caution is recommended in some areas. These include the neighborhoods of Petworth, Stadium-Armory, Anacostia, U Street corridor and Columbia Heights. The area around Atlantic Ave SE and 4th St SE in southeast DC is particularly unsafe and should be avoided. In fact, the neighborhood was ranked by the FBI as one of the 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in the US.

While a few neighborhoods in DC have higher rates of violent crime, many are walkable, livable neighborhoods with charming architecture and many enjoyable things to see and do. Fortunately, the safest areas of the city are also some of the most interesting. The main tourist areas around the White House, Capitol, and the National Mall are safe and well patrolled by security personnel. Additionally, thriving neighborhoods such as Adams Morgan, Foggy Bottom, Georgetown and DuPont Circle are considered generally safe. While IMG recommends travelers to be vigilant at all times, visitors can feel at ease in these historical and thriving parts of Washington DC.

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