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The recent attack by Islamic militants in France has focused attention on the issue of immigration in Europe. Recently, US media outlets have reported on the economically depressed areas in and around Paris, France. Many of these areas have large Muslims populations and have been incorrectly referred to as “No-Go” zones. Although it later recanted, Fox News initially reported that these no-go zones were off limits to non-Muslims. One of the guests on the Fox News network claimed that radical Muslims were governing parts of France through Sharia Law and further radicalizing the country’s Muslims. Although Fox News has made several apologies, the mayor of Paris indicated she would pursue a defamation lawsuit against Fox News.

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France’s government has designated hundreds of large urban areas as ZUS: Zones Urbaines Sensibles (ZUS) or sensitive urban areas. Some media reports have claimed that French police do not frequent these areas for fear of attack, but this threat seems to be exaggerated. The ZUS have been identified by the government as areas with higher levels of poverty and crime that require infrastructure improvement and redevelopment.

North African and Middle Eastern immigrants populate many of the ZUS around Paris. The children of these immigrants have been raised in France, but some have had difficulty assimilating fully into French culture. Whether this failure is due to discrimination by French society, or some other cause, is a highly debated topic. Regardless, many of these youth feel alienated and have embraced Islam more fervently than their parent’s generation. Some of these young devotees have turned to a more radical brand of the faith. This may have given rise to the belief that radicalism is flourishing in these large immigrant communities.

Are No-Go Zones an Urban Myth?

So where did the term “No-Go Zone” come from? Daniel Pipes first coined the phrase in 2006 when reporting on the rise of large urban Muslim ghettos. Mr. Pipes has since come out and stated his first report about these areas was erroneous. In fact, Daniel Pipes traveled recently to the French ZUS and found them to be reasonably safe. However, He did note that the areas experience issues such as unemployment, drugs, poverty, and resentment towards the majority population.

Employee Travel Security in and around Paris, France

France has designated 751 Sensitive Urban Zones where infrastructure, crime, and poverty are issues that need to be addressed by the government. An estimated 5 million people live in these zones and many inhabitants are part of France’s minority Muslim population. Although an executive protection firm like IMG would urge caution to those wishing to visit these neighborhoods, it would not recommend barring travel to these areas altogether.

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