Employee Overseas Medical Assistance: Consultants Discuss Travel Security and Emergency Response

Suffering a bout of the flu, nursing a wound, or recovering from a sprained ankle takes on a new dimension when traveling abroad. Depending on the locale, access to adequate medical care may be hampered by long distances, language barriers, or lack of funds or insurance. Dealing with such challenges could seriously exacerbate and complicate even a minor illness or injury. Fortunately, by planning a little beforehand, travelers can mitigate the worst effects of an illness or injury while abroad.

Employee Overseas Medical AssistanceThe travel security consultants at IMG GlobalSecur have developed 5 simple tips for dealing with medical incidents overseas. These tips are common practice for most experienced international travelers and can be leveraged by individuals and organizations alike. While the tips below are effective, IMG recommends more detailed services and guidance for organizations and at-risk individuals with significant international travel requirements.

5 Employee Overseas Medical Assistance Tips for Illness and Injury Abroad

  1. Purchase Travel Insurance – While some health insurers cover medical costs abroad, many do not. Medicare, for example, does not cover healthcare overseas. For a fee, several insurance companies do offer short-term travel insurance that covers medical care for those traveling internationally. In the event of an emergency, some of these plans also cover medical evacuation. However, an employee travel medical assistance provider can deliver a superior level of protection for at-risk organizations and individuals. Such companies offer customized and coordinated plans, providing local support that can be leveraged in the event of a medical incident.
  2. Record and Carry Emergency Contact and Medical Information – Recording emergency contact information in a passport enables travelers to be identified quickly in the event they lose consciousness. Additionally, doctors recommend travelers carry a letter with them listing known medical conditions, blood type, allergies, and the names of current medications. In fact, the “Medical ID” feature on the latest iPhone models can be used to record vital health information. By recording health data, travelers can help medical professionals deliver the most appropriate care quickly.
  3. Get Vaccinations Early – Different areas of the world harbor different diseases, some of which are potentially fatal. By taking the time to talk to a medical professional about the diseases endemic to their destination, travelers can ensure they receive the appropriate vaccinations for their trip. In most cases, vaccines must be administered six weeks before departure in order to be effective.
  4. If You Do Become Ill or Injured… – Despite the best planning efforts, travelers can still become ill or injured overseas. If this does happen, seeking adequate medical care should become a top priority. For those not enrolled in a travel security program, local U.S. embassies or consulates can provide information regarding medical facilities and English-speaking doctors in the area.
  5. Consider a Medical Evacuation Plan – For companies with employees on international travel and individuals traveling to less developed areas, a medical evacuation plan may be necessary. Some regions of the world are simply unable to provide an advanced standard of care. Even for those places that do, many travelers and their families would rather avoid language and cultural barriers in the midst of a medical emergency. Luckily, many insurers and travel security companies can provide guidance on emergency response planning and medical evacuation.

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