Donald Trump Rally Postponed Due to Safety and Security Concerns: International Meeting Security Update

On March 11th, the Donald Trump rally in Chicago was abruptly postponed amid disruptions and growing fears that the event was turning violent. Prior to the candidate’s arrival, anti-Trump protesters filed into the arena where the Donald Trump rally was being held.

Shortly afterwards, altercations broke out between Trump supporters and the protesters. According to reports, violence erupted between the opposing sides and the Chicago Police had to remove several people from the arena. After being told by Police of the deteriorating event security situation, the Donald Trump rally was postponed by his campaign.

Donald Trump RallyRegardless of ideology, there is no doubt that the political environment in the United States has grown very heated. Going foreword, security experts believe that there will continue to be a significant risk of disorder at political rallies in the near term. Despite these risks, many individuals will want to exercise their constitutional right to support, or protest, the candidate they wish. As such, the travel security professionals at IMG Group are providing 3 tips to help keep individuals safe and improve international meeting security at political rallies like the Donald Trump rally.

Travel Security Firm’s 3 Tips to Increase Individual Safety and Improve International Meeting Security

  1. Obey Requests from Law Enforcement and Security Staff – Individuals attending rallies have an obligation to obey reasonable requests from law enforcement and security personnel. The more time these personnel have to deal with non-cooperative individuals, the less time they have to attend to other, potentially more urgent, event security matters. Additionally, by demonstrating respect for law enforcement, individuals may influence others around them to do the same.
  2. Understand the Terrain and Identify Nearest Exits – Another way to increase personal safety and event security is to understand the environment. Attendees of an event should familiarize themselves with the layout and floor plan of the venue. They also should identify multiple exits, not just one, as some egresses could become backed up or blocked in the event of unrest. Most importantly, individuals should depart if they feel uncomfortable with the security environment. After all, it will be more difficult to leave once disorder breaks out.
  3. Do Not Provoke the Other Side – Regardless if a person attends a rally as a protestor, or as a supporter, she should do nothing unreasonable to provoke the other side. In the heated political environment, words can quickly turn to violence and violence can quickly spread out of control. To be sure, advocating for, or protesting against, a candidate can be done in a responsible and controlled manner. However, attendees should refrain from the following actions: taunting, shouting obscenities, making aggressive faces or gestures, using lewd insults, or singling out individuals in the opposition for ridicule. Additionally, attendees should work with security to maintain a buffer between opposing sides and respect security’s wishes if they ask for attendees to move or disperse.

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