Corporate Risk Assessment and Cyber Security

The importance of cyber security in corporate and international fields cannot be underestimated. Recent events prove that cyber security is a growing issue and Presidential candidates campaigning for the 2016 election should spend some time dwelling on this.

Last year, the US Government suffered a major international security incident when Chinese government hackers gained access to its confidential personnel files. It is believed that the hackers were able to obtain data on several million US government workers. In addition to names, addresses, and social security numbers, the hackers are believed to have gained access to employee security clearances. As such, this breach provided the Chinese government with the personal and financial information of a large swath of US government employees.

Cyber SecurityIn terms of corporate risk assessment, the appropriation of security clearance information is especially troubling. Some security analysts also feared last year that the Chinese would leverage the private data they collected to influence or blackmail US government employees into divulging state secrets.

Corporate Risk Assessment & Security Safeguards

What should organizations do to protect themselves from such an intrusion? While most firms will not face an attack as sophisticated as last year’s Chinese cyber attack, some industries are at increased risk of state-sponsored hacking. This includes the industries of:

  1. IT and Communications
  2. Advanced Manufacturing
  3. Military and Defense
  4. Aeronautics and Marine Technology
  5. Unmanned Systems
  6. Nanotechnology
  7. Advanced Materials

It is important to note that firms outside these industries are still at risk and need to be aware of cyber security issues. After all, almost all firms are threatened by cyber criminals. While criminal hackers are generally less sophisticated than the cyber agencies of foreign governments, they have proven sophisticated enough to breach the security of large multi-national companies. As such, all firms should take cyber security seriously and develop robust information security safeguards that cover both cyber security and physical security. As recent events demonstrate, cyber attacks are becoming more common, more sophisticated, and more damaging.

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