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In recent years, the security industry has proven to be a multi-faceted and dynamic sector. Fortunately, many security management professionals have obtained technical proficiency in many aspects of the discipline, including: physical security, executive protection, and workplace security. Some veterans of the field are skilled in even more complex matters such as: emergency response, dispute resolution, medical evacuation, and international travel security. Yet, despite this technical proficiency, many security professionals are not as effective as they could be. In many instances, this is because they are failing to manage the relationship with their host-organization effectively.

Security ManagementIn the corporate world, it is not uncommon for business leaders to become frustrated with their security department, seeing them as overly cautious specialists with no eye for the big picture. Other firms have the opposite problem, ignoring their security departments almost entirely. To be sure, there are opportunities for growth on both sides. However, issues often persist because security professionals have not learned to effectively communicate priorities to the organizations they serve. To address this trend, the security consultants at IMG are issuing 3 tips to security professionals.

International Security Consulting Firm’s 3 Corporate Security Management Tips

  1. Don’t Shoot (and Always Protect) the Messenger – All organizations have a natural aversion to the airing of problems, shortcomings, and difficulties. However, in the realm of security, firms can little afford to sweep issues under the rug. As such, good security professionals should always listen to, and protect, the bearers of bad news. After all, even problems that cannot be solved immediately need to be identified, prioritized, and planned for. That is why top security professionals look at emerging problems as improvement opportunities, rather than indictments of past performance. Additionally, they encourage transparency and open lines of communication with their teams to identify issues early and develop solutions quickly.
  2. Don’t Cry Wolf – While some security professionals have difficulties identifying risks, others have the opposite problem. These professionals see threats everywhere and are unable to distinguish between the probable and improbable. While security professionals should document all potential risks, even unlikely ones, they need to prioritize these risks appropriately. Every security risk should be scored based on severity, frequency, and detectability. By prioritizing risks appropriately, security professionals can maintain their credibility and help organizations focus resources on the most significant threats. After all, few organizations have the resources to mitigate every conceivable security risk.
  3. Understand the Business – Many veteran security professionals fail to get security measures implemented because they are simply unable to communicate effectively with the organization’s decision makers. A well-rounded security management professional needs to be able to articulate how security risks, if left unaddressed, can put customers, employees, and the brand at risk. Additionally, security professionals should familiarize themselves with the firm’s operations and not let themselves be isolated from the rest of the organization. This should enable them to develop creative and tailored solutions that both strengthen security management procedures and improve the bottom line.

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